Motivation for marriage of modern youth

Keywords: : family, youth, motives, harmonious relations, values.


The development of motivation to start a family directly depends on many social, economic and political factors. The relevance of this study has to do with the fact that family is a certain center of influence on an individual. To create a harmonious family, it is necessary as well as justified to take into account a system of factors that helps to build a relationship between spouses based on mutual respect. It is clear that the more specific is the image of a family in the minds of those who marry, the more harmonious the relationship within the family will be. The article presents data from an empirical study that identifies the main factors that guide young people in marriage. It is established that in general people understand their own responsibility before marriage and seek to establish a harmonious relationship with a partner in the future. According to the results of the empirical study, it is found that young people in marriage are guided primarily by spiritual motives. This is a sign of readiness to start a family based on mutual love and acceptance of all the strengths and weaknesses of the partner. At the same time, the study found sufficient maturity in the judgments of a significant number of young people who are choosing a marriage partner. An important component of a happy marriage, in their opinion, is the satisfaction by a marriage partner of the significant needs of another. Of course, when interacting with each other, one should focus not only on his/her own needs, but also on the needs of the partner. According to the respondents, this is the main determinant of a harmonious marriage. During the study, the level of formation of life values ​​of young people was analyzed. The priorities were "self-development", "spiritual satisfaction", "personal prestige" and "material condition". The values ​​of "preservation of individuality" and "creativity" in the vast majority of young people correspond to a low level of formation. Correlation analysis revealed a positive correlation between "spiritual needs" and "love", "economic motives" and the value of "material condition" in the studied category of persons.


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