Peer-review process

The Articles contributed to The Herald of Kiev Institute of Business and Technology are peer-reviewed.

We check with potential reviewers before sending them manuscripts to review. Reviewers should bear in mind that these messages contain confidential information, which should be treated as such.

To proceed a high quality of peer reviewing process we have independent experts.

Оnly those papers that seem most likely to meet our editorial criteria are sent for formal review. The editor will have coded the paper and send it to the reviewers.

We ask reviewers the following questions, to provide an assessment of the various aspects of a manuscript:

  • What key results of the work you see.
  • Does the manuscript have flaws which should prohibit its publication? If so, please provide details.
  • Are the conclusions original? Are they important to people from several disciplines?
  • Have the author used transparent data and methodology, is it enough for the conclusions?
  • Do you find that the conclusions and information that the article presents are reliable?
  • Please suggest additional data that could help strengthening the work in a revision.
  • What references should be included or excluded?
  • Are abstract, introduction and conclusions appropriate?
  • Please address any other specific question asked by the editor via email.

All statements should be detailed, naming facts and citing supporting references, commenting on all aspects that are relevant to the manuscript and that the referees feel qualified commenting on.


We ask reviewers to respond within the 5 days agreed. And give the review in a 14 days.


We ask reviewers not to identify themselves to authors while the manuscript is under consideration without the editor's knowledge. 

If the author doesn't agree with a referee’s thought, he has the right to give arguments to the editorial board.

Double blind peer review

Our journal offers a double-blind peer review option. 

Peer-review publication policies

The editors select independent reviewers for each manuscript. Authors are welcome to request that the journal excludes one or two individuals from the reviewers list, but the editor's decision on the choice of referees is final.

Ethics and security

As in all publishing decisions, the ultimate decision whether to publish is the responsibility of the editor. If the paper gives editor or reviewers concerns about any aspects – he or she takes the decision on inviting the authors to revise their manuscript.