Plagiarism policy

As defined by the ORI (Office of Research Integrity), plagiarism can include, "theft or misappropriation of intellectual property and the substantial unattributed textual copying of another's work". Plagiarism is copying text without appropriate and unambiguous attribution.

A form of self-plagiarism is "text recycling" or reuse of parts of text from an author's previous research publication. Appropriate attribution and citation is necessary when author wants to reuse the text (from the author's own publication or that of others).

Herald of Kiev Institute of Business and Technology editors assess all such cases on their individual merits. We use software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscript.

Policy on duplicate publication

Material submitted to the Herald must be original and not published or submitted for publication elsewhere. If author submits at the same tine one more article with similar topic in other journal author must disclose any such information. Consideration by the Herald of Kiev Institute of Business and Technology is possible if the main result, conclusion, or implications are not apparent from the other work.

If an author of a submission is re-using a figure or figures published elsewhere, or that is copyrighted, the author must provide documentation that the previous publisher or copyright holder has given permission for the figure to be re-published.