Borderline mental and adjustment disorders (differential diagnosis and case description)

Keywords: maladaptation, stress, abnormal mechanisms, post-traumatic personality disorders.


During the global world transformations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the individual faces new requirements for mental health and issues of adaptation to new living conditions, stress resistance, self-regulation. The article is devoted to the differential diagnosis of borderline mental disorders, among which adaptation disorders occupy a central place. The article covers the differential diagnosis of adaptation disorders as a kind of borderline states due to stress. Attention is paid to the clinical differential diagnosis of adaptation disorders according to ICD-10, DSM-IV, DSM-V and the latest developed unified clinical protocol of primary, secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) medical care. The article describes the clinical cases of patients with stress disorders due to stress. Moreover, stressful situations in selected patients are extraordinary for each described personality, can threaten life, physical and mental well-being. Questionnaires and objective, dialogical and projective tests such as MMPI (adaptation by Berezin FB), Accent 2/90, Kettel's questionnaire, KTL and MPV Sondi, HAND-test, as well as methods were used during the experimental-psychological research. pathopsychological research. In addition to the interviews, the research of the associative process used the method of "Associative experiment", verbal version, icons, understanding of figurative meaning, "Classification", "Exclusion of redundancy", "Comparison of concepts". The article shows that the probability of an unfavorable prognosis of borderline disorders of adaptation depends on many factors that affect the ability of an individual to adapt to changes in life or traumatic events.


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