The task of business education in the context of building peace and justice

Keywords: The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, strong institutions, business education, values.


The article considers the tasks of business education to fulfill the 16 goals of sustainable development. The author reflects on business education's role in societal change to achieve peace, justice, and strong services. The role of business education is unique because it forms the subjects of entrepreneurial activity, which significantly influence social processes. The author identifies two dimensions of business education concerning sustainable development goals - direct and indirect impact. In the first dimension, such elements of business education are distinguished as the development of knowledge from programs for the implementation of sustainable development goals at the national level; development of the listener's legal consciousness, knowledge of the Constitution and laws of the country; development of knowledge and skills in the implementation of social responsibility programs; formation of a conscious attitude to tolerant dialogue as a means of resolving conflicts; formation of intolerance to corrupt behavior. In the second dimension - the development of environmental awareness, the acquisition of knowledge in the fields of science, which are related to the technologies on which the most common business processes in the country; development of skills for social thinking; development of the ability to think critically; mastering knowledge about the specifics of the principles of doing business in different countries, due to their national-cultural and religious-ideological features; learning a foreign language; formation of skills of deconflicting, conflict analysis, skills of purposeful creation based on inclusiveness of humanistic corporate culture; acquaintance with the work of regional and national business associations, chambers of commerce, public organizations. A notable factor is a formation in business education of progressive thinking and the formation of the attitude to technological innovation as the basis of business development. According to the author, the protection of human rights as one of the values of business activity plays a crucial role in achieving peace and sustainable development.


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