Canonical analysis of digital trust factors in conditions of digitalization ecosystems convergence

Keywords: sigma-convergence; coefficient of variation; digital environment; e-commerce; social networks; analysis of canonical correlations.


Given the dependence on online technology, the growing misinformation caused by the pandemic, politics and other social factors, the growth of cyber attacks, the issues of research on digital trust, and the interaction of the factors that determine it are relevant and urgent. The article substantiates the existence of convergence processes in digitalization in the world, taking into account the number of Internet users, people with advanced skills, and indicators of infrastructure, access, enablers, and barriers to digital development. The methodological basis for determining the sigma convergence of digitization processes is the coefficient of variation. An analysis of the canonical correlations was made using Statgraphics 19 software between digital trust factors, namely between the digital environment and attitudes towards digital trust, between behavior in the digital space and the digital environment, between behavior in the digital space and digital user experience, between the digital environment and digital user experience allowed to form five pairs of models with a high degree of interconnectedness. The practical significance of the results lies in the possibility of their application at the level of analytical departments, IT sectors of enterprises, and security services of socio-economic facilities to identify reserves for increasing the level of digital trust.


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