Keywords: personnel, motive, need, motivation, methods of motivation, modern technologies.


  The influence of motivational mechanism on increase of labor activity of the personnel of the enterprise is analyzed in the article; the basic approaches of domestic and foreign scientists to methods of motivation are summarized; evolutionary development of motivational theories is considered; the content of the modern interpretation of the concept of "motivation" is revealed; the basic methods of personnel motivation applied in modern organizations are conducted; American, Japanese and French have been identified and studied among a large number of models of work motivation; it is proved that the activation of staff activity at the enterprise is the driving force of innovative changes that can be achieved only through the formation of a complex system of motivation and constant professional development of staff, identified the main and most urgent problems of motivation of the staff of the organization; the main motives of employees were grouped into four groups; noted as a drawback that the vast majority of modern business executives are known to implement a material incentive system that has a short-term impact on staff and provides a lasting effect; confirmed that a well thought out and well organized motivation system influences the recruitment of new staff and the stabilization of existing jobs; it is emphasized that the modern executives have the task of creating an individual effective system of employee motivation, finding the right approaches, methods of influencing the employees that could most effectively influence them and force them into high-performance work; a scale of motives for work has been constructed; the introduction of a compensation package, which allows to control the turnover of employees, to increase the level of motivation of work, to achieve the growth of labor productivity, to attract the right workers to the organization, to provide favorable social and psychological climate, to increase the image of the organization and to ensure its competitiveness.


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