Keywords: agricultural enterprises, investment features, investment policy, problems.


The article covers the essence, the main features of investments in the agrarian sector, which are determined by the specifics of the legal status of Ukraine, the specifics of agricultural production in Ukraine and the specifics of the new world order of planning, production, distribution. The theoretical and methodological problems of attracting investments in the agricultural sector of Ukraine are identified. The main components of the agricultural sector of economy, which in Ukraine, mainly in, attracted foreign investments are highlighted. Analyzes are made in the ideas and some characteristics of investments, the main problems of inhibiting investments in the activities of agricultural enterprises.The ways of solving existing problems of investments in the activity of agricultural enterprises are suggested. The risks of investing in the activities of agricultural enterprises are characterized. The dynamics of foreign direct investment in agriculture for the period from 2010 to 2017 are analyzed and their impact on the main indicators of agricultural development in Ukraine. It is concluded that foreign investors are interested in companies that can provide a return on invested capital in a short time with the highest profit. Against this background, more promising in the Ukrainian economy for them is not agricultural production but processing. Today, the emphasis is placed on the need to diversify the sources of investment support for the agricultural sector. The types of cultivated crops were divided into cultivated areas. The TOP-10 largest agricultural holdings by volume of land bank have beenidentified. The main indicators of investment development of agriculture of Ukraine are highlighted.The strategic orientation of attracting foreign investments in the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy is substantiated. It is concluded that the lack of confidence of foreign investors in Ukraine and the high level of investment risk cause a low level of investment income, and the investmentclimate, in turn, directly affects the main indicators of socio-economic development of the country. It is analyzed strategic objectives, investment indicators for agricultural development and the main macroeconomic problem.



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